Wednesday, August 24, 2016

remaking a broken world

Some recent highlights in my reading...

"I want to persuade us to commit ourselves wholeheartedly to belonging to, and serving God in the fellowship of, a local church; and that this may prove to be the most significant thing we do with our lives."

"...the ordinary local Christian church contains within itself the seeds, or the DNA, of a remade world."  

"One true God means that there is one objective substantial reality within which you and I have to live. We can create our subjective or virtual quasi-realities as much as we like, but the day will come when we must reckon with what one theologian called, ‘The God who is there’, and therefore with the reality that is there."

"Most people think that it is perfectly possible to enjoy harmony east of Eden, that human beings are well able to ‘do the peace and harmony thing’ without bringing God into the picture."

"...apart from fellowship with God no human community is stable."  

~ Christopher Ash, Remaking a Broken World.

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