Saturday, March 12, 2016

tale of two cities

Ian Hamilton writes, "The Christian believer is always living in an inescapable tension! ...The truth is that every Christian lives simultaneously in two worlds. Our life is a tale of two cities."

He goes on to say, "The fact is that the Christian life is a life of irresolvable tension. We are, by God’s grace, aliens and strangers. We march to the beat of a heavenly drum in a world shaped by an earth-bounded horizon. We live to the glory of God in a world which lives for itself. More acutely, we live to be holy as God is holy in bodies of death, yet marked by indwelling sin. The tension is within as well as without. We cannot, this side of glory, escape the tension without becoming a disloyal traitor to our God and Saviour."

Read Ian Hamilton here: "Living in Two Worlds" 

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