Monday, February 1, 2016

greatest issue facing American church?

Dr. John Frame was recently asked, "What is the greatest issue facing the American church?"

His reply: 

"The greatest issue facing the American church is its fidelity to Scripture, its fidelity to its foundation.  It seems every time there's some social movement that comes along, churches cave.  They go along with cultural change rather than holding fast to Scripture.  I think we need to have a rebirth of conviction that the Scripture is the Word of God, that God won't be trifled with.  If it's not God's Word, it's not good news.  If it's not God's Word, there's no point in paying any attention to it.  But if it is God's word then that has to be more important than any cultural expression that there is." 

~ Dr. John Frame, January 27, 2016.  See video here

Btw, check out John Frame's reading shelf here.  

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