Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Christ validates the Scriptures

Here are some reading highlights from Carl Henry's God, Revelation, and Authority, Vol 3.

"In Jesus Christ the source and content of [God's] revelation converge and coincide."  (III:9)

"The regenerate church is a transnational, transracial, transcultural beachhead for the transcendent kingdom of God." (III:68)

"The Christian fellowship knows that Jesus' incarnation, death, and resurrection are the turning point of the ages."  (III:73)

"The gospel is good news, news of Gods' grace to the unworthy, news of a victory of righteousness and love in which the people of God forever share.  It is the only news that endures." (III:74)

"The pledged work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the apostles would involve a superhuman recalling of Jesus' teaching and a superhuman illumination in articulating it."  (III:92)

"We have no way of returning to observe the historical Jesus except through the Bible." (III:95)

"We learn of Christ from Scripture and Christ validates the Scriptures."  (III:98)

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