Saturday, June 6, 2015

characterized by seriousness

“There is always a fundamental seriousness about the men and women who are born again. I mean something like this: they are never flippant, never light, never superficial... they are fundamentally serious people. 

"Let me hasten to add that I am not saying that they are solemn or pompous people. God forbid that anyone would think I am saying that! No, no, they are happy, they can even be humorous. But their humor never runs away with them. It is a manifestation of life; it is the showing of one of the attributes that they have received by nature...  

"We have suggested that when someone is born again, that is the most obvious thing about him; it must be, for it is the life of God in him. He is also conscious of being dealt with, of having been humbled; he is also aware of a true repentance, and he is characterized by a fundamental seriousness.”

-- Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Experiencing the New Birth (Crossway, 2015)

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