Saturday, March 7, 2015

just an old pear tree

"I have on my farm a magnificent old pear tree. This tree has grown from a small seed. First, the seed died. It found welcoming soil and morphed into a tiny shoot. In time, with nurture, it came to full growth, a thing of beauty at many levels; all on a scale out of proportion to the original seed, and full of generative potential in its turn. The tree provides shade and shelter, flowers and fruit. It might provide wood for warmth or walls or works of art. It might contribute to a landscape or resist erosion. It might inspire poems or plays, paintings or photographs, (such as my painting, "Ki-Seki"). It might spark a scientific discovery, host children at play, or lead a man or woman to reflect on the nature of life." 

-- Makoto Fujimura, Culture Care

See Mako's beautiful limited edition print of "Ki-Seki" here

Engraving above is "THE ORIGINAL SECKEL PEAR TREE", photographed and engraved for The Gardener's Monthly.  Copyrighted 1880, by CHAS. H. Makot, Publisher, Philadelphia.

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