Monday, October 20, 2014

priorities in prayer (from Paul)

We just finished several Sunday evenings studying, and then applying in prayer, the things that the Apostle Paul prayed for the churches he wrote to. 

Here in bullet summary are the prayer points found in the Pauline epistles...

o Thanksgiving for God’s work in them
o For them to know God’s will with wisdom
o To walk worthy of (live up to) our calling
o To live a life pleasing to God
o To grow in the knowledge of the Lord
o For God to give power for every good work
o To be sanctified (beautified) by the Lord
o That God be glorified in & by them
o Wisdom and revelation in knowing God
o To be enlightened to know spiritual blessings
o To be strengthened by the Spirit inwardly
o Ability to understand the love of God
o Love to abound more, with discernment
o To prove the surpassing value of Jesus
o To bear the fruit of righteousness through Christ
o To render acceptable service to God’s people
o Deliverance from evil plans of unbelievers
o For boldness in gospel proclamation

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