Friday, April 4, 2014

the Spirit of glory

I'm reading The Work of the Holy Spirit, by Abraham Kuyper (1837–1920), Dutch theologian and statesman.  Here are a couple of highlights I'm thinking about...

"Much more, however, is the king honored by the persons of his household, each in his degree, from the master of ceremonies to his prime minister. Yet his highest glory is his family of sons and daughters, begotten of his own blood, trained by his wisdom, animated by his ideals, one with him in the plans, purposes, and spirit of his life. Applying this in all reverence to the court of the King of heaven, it is evident that while every flower and star enhance His glory, the lives of angels and men are of much greater significance to His Kingdom; and again, while among the latter they are most closely related to His glory whom He has placed in positions of authority, nearest of all are the children begotten by His Spirit, and admitted to the secret of His pavilion. We conclude, then, that God's glory is reflected most in His children; and since no man can be His child unless he is begotten of Him, we confess that His glory is most apparent in His elect or in His Church..."
"God's highest purposes are realized when the Holy Spirit makes man's heart His dwelling-place."  

(Abraham Kuyper, The Work of the Holy Spirit)

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