Monday, March 10, 2014

sunday quotes

“What is the local church? It’s the institution which Jesus created and authorized to pronounce the gospel of the kingdom, to affirm gospel professors, to oversee their discipleship, and to expose impostors. All this means, we don’t ‘join’ churches like we join clubs. We submit to them.”  (Jonathan Leeman, "What Is The Local Church?")

“No man who is full of himself can ever truly preach the Christ who emptied himself.”  (J. Sidlow Baxter)

“Jesus redefined all authority as servant-authority. Any exercise of power can only be done in service to the Other, not to please oneself. Jesus is the one who did not come to be served, as the world’s authority figures expect to be, but to serve, to the point of giving his life... [He] clearly states his position on the meaning of authority and headship: In the world, rulers and high officials exercise their authority by ‘lording it’ over others. Not so with you. Those tasked with leadership must be the slaves of all, following their master, who ‘did not come to be served but to serve. . . .’”  (Tim Keller, The Meaning of Marriage)

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