Thursday, July 18, 2013

more from prof on leadership

Here are a few more quotes from Prof Hendricks on leadership...

"Your career is what you're paid to do. Your calling is what you're made to do."

"The question of your competence is not, 'Where are you?' but, 'In what direction are you moving?'"

"People do not want to be managed, they want to be led. They do not need controlling people, they need developing people. That's a different breed of cat."

"The Bible mentions approximately 1,000 leaders. Only 100 of them do you have enough data in order to get the full picture. But this is what I want you to remember – you ready for this? – of the 100 leaders about whom we have sufficient data, only one third of them finished well.  And most of them failed in the last half of their life. It is a very profound study."

"That's the story of the Old and New Testament. God takes people with incredible weaknesses, and by His grace, He uses them. But He can use them even more, if they ever allow Him to get control of their weaknesses."

Quote from Tom Landry: "I have a job to do that is not very complicated, but it's often difficult. My task is to get a group of men to do what they don't want to do, so that they can achieve the one thing they have wanted all of their lives."

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