Wednesday, February 6, 2013

On the reliability of the Bible

Speaking at Cru tonight on the reliability of the Bible.  Can we trust what it says?  Here are some follow-up resources for further study...

Recommended (start here):

MP3 message: "Literalism: Isn't the Bible historically unreliable and regressive?" by Tim Keller

Article: "Jesus of Nazareth: How Historians Can Know Him and Why It Matters," by Craig L. Blomberg

Two helpful websites: The historicity and authority of the Bible 

Carl F. H. Henry Center: Christ On Campus Initiative.

Suggested reading list (basic)

Geisler, Norman, and Nix, William. From God To Us: How We Got Our Bible 

Keller, Timothy. The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism 

Pink, A. W. The Divine Inspiration of the Bible

Specific resources for NT integrity:

Bauckham, Richard. Jesus and the Eyewitnesses: The Gospels as Eyewitness Testimony 

Blomberg, Craig. The Historical Reliability of the Gospels

Bock, Darrell, and Wallace, Daniel. Dethroning Jesus: Exposing Popular Culture's Quest to Unseat the Biblical Christ 

Bock, Darrell. The Missing Gospels: Unearthing the Truth Behind Alternative Christianities

Bruce, F. F. The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? 

Kruger, Michael. Canon Revisited: Establishing the Origins and Authority of the New Testament Books

Wallace, Daniel.  Revisiting the Corruption of the New Testament: Manuscript, Patristic, and Apocryphal Evidence

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