Tuesday, January 29, 2013

theology engaging culture

Bruce Little writes...

"The world does not understand the nature of its lostness. It knows something is wrong, but fails to comprehend the true nature of that lostness. Of course, on a personal level, that lostness is only remedied in Christ, but I use the term lostness to speak of the philosophical and moral calamity that has come upon western cultures.

"Increasingly we have witnessed the blunting of belief in God.  Even among those who claim to believe that God exists, there is very little edge to that belief - it is weak and ineffective. This has left people without an external reference for moral direction and without a metaphysical grounding for morality. Clearly, this is a decisive point of intersection of theology and culture.

"Here the Christian message offers the missing piece deleted by naturalism - the personal, infinite Creator God who stands above nature and has spoken. This points first, not to a religious truth, but a truth about the nature of reality; that is, the world is one way if God is there, and it is another way if He is not. However, our voice in the name of truth will have little weight if our theology has no edge and we do not order our lives any differently than those without the truth." 

From "Theology Engaging Culture", by Bruce Little, Director of the L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture

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