Sunday, October 14, 2012

the ten commandments

...from a Christian, Spirit-filled perspective (from Dan Mock's sermon today):

With that in mind, that the 10 commandments are a result of intimacy with God, I want to refocus them for you from a Christian, Spirit-filled perspective:

When you love me with your whole heart:

1. You will delight in me alone because I AM your All in All.

2. You won’t need pictures or statutes or anything else as a surrogate for me in your worship because I fill your mind, your heart and your imagination with my steadfast love.

3. You will treat my name as sacred because my name is the most special word that crosses your lips.

4. You will spend a whole day with me each week because you trust me enough to know that I’ll provide you with everything you need through the other 6 days.

5. You will honor your father and mother because you know that that relationship is a tangible representation of our relationship.

6. You won’t murder because you see my handiwork and the vestiges of my image in everyone.

7. You won’t commit adultery because you know that that relationship is also a tangible representation of our relationship. Just as you delight in me alone, you delight in your spouse alone.

8. You won’t steal because you trust, as your Provider, that I meet all your needs.

9. You won’t lie to your neighbor because you know that I delight in the truth.

10. You won’t covet your neighbor’s possessions because you are completely satisfied in me and with me.

--Dan Mock, BCF sermon 10/14/2012

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