Tuesday, September 11, 2012

handful of articles

Here are some recent notable articles I've read:

Church and the College Years.  "Love for the 'universal' church necessitates love for and commitment to the 'local' church. So our local churches seek to manifest the universal church as a part of the body of Christ we can love, see, touch, struggle with, give to, and serve." 

Why Mormon theology is not Christian (Ben Witherington).  "What I would say is that they are deceived about what the Bible really teaches about the nature of God, of Christ, of salvation, and of true humanity, not to mention the nature of the Scriptures which are indeed the sufficient rule of faith and practice for all true Christians and do not require supplements or corrections from Joseph Smith’s works."

Making an idol of family.  "This stuff of many women's fantasies includes an adoring, faithful spouse; attractive, obedient kids; people who depend on you, love you, give you a reason to get out of bed, regularly stand up and sing your praises. And it is idolatry, just like money, power, and fame. It's the thing that causes the mom in your women's Bible study to post the 67th picture of her daughter's birthday party on Facebook. It's the reason for the magazine-quality family pictures all over the house. It's why the mother-of-the-bride obsesses about her daughter's wedding and treats it like a part- time job. It's (at least in part) why Christmas letters get sent and then end up making their recipients feel mad and competitive."

Finally, inclusivity doesn't include everyone.  "Jon Stewart knows the Democratic Party is super tolerant and sent his news team to the convention to find out just how inclusive and tolerant they really are last night on The Daily Show. The result: Democrats want to include everybody! Except for people in big corporations, people with guns, and rednecks, of course."

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