Friday, March 23, 2012

weekend links of interest

1) Islam not in continuity with Judaism and Christianity. 

2) Atheists don't own reason.

3) Fragments of Mark's gospel may date to first century.

4) Evidences of the Holy Spirit, a tract by J. C. Ryle

Here is a summary of the ten evidences listed by Ryle...

1. The Spirit awakens a person’s heart.
2. The Spirit teaches a person’s mind.
3. The Spirit leads to the Word.
4. The Spirit convinces of sin.
5. The Spirit draws to Christ.
6. The Spirit sanctifies.
7. The Spirit makes a person spiritually minded.
8. The Spirit produces inward conflict.
9. The Spirit makes a person love the brethren.
10. The Spirit teaches a person to pray.

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