Thursday, March 22, 2012

conference quotes (mike minter)

"When Life Doesn't Make Sense" (Genesis 37-50)

"You are between a rock (God's promise) and a hard place (this world)."

"It's impossible to be fair to every person."

"Life's not fair, but it is just -- and God will work it out in eternity."

"The irony is that they sought to destroy the dream, but actually were instrumental in fulfilling it."  

"When God's name is conspicuously absent, his providence is conspicuously present."

"The power of influence is greater than the power of position."  

"Honesty is not the same thing as integrity.  Honesty can be compartmentalized, but integrity involves wholeness."

"You cannot hang on to bitterness and unforgiveness, and experience joyfulness in life."  

"The grace of God is sufficient to see me through my earthly pilgrimage."

"Forgiveness will cost you.  It will cost you the right to get even, or get back.  It is costly to forgive, because you have to release a debt."

"Whatever others mean for evil, God means for good."

"Bitterness is like drinking poison, hoping that the other person will die."

"Don't say, 'I forgive you', unless a person asks for it. You can do it in your heart but not verbally, because 'I forgive you' is a form of accusation regarding something they have not acknowledged."

Final questions --"seeing ourselves in the story":
1) Do you believe you could forgive the way Joseph did?
2) Are you having trouble letting go of a hurt far less severe than  Joseph's?
3) Do you believe God's grace is sufficient for you to forgive?
4) Are you presently resisting that grace?
5) Are you a conduit of the grace that saved you?

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