Thursday, June 9, 2011

free kindle books

I am really, really enjoying the Kindle.  For a book, print, paper, and fountain pen kind of guy, this is a bit surprising.  But there you have it. 

Here's where I'm picking up many free and/or cheap ebooks for my Kindle, specifically with a view to theology and biblical resources, but also historical, fiction, and science fiction:

Puritan Library 

Bring the books

Words of Grace

Gospel eBooks 


Project Gutenberg

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Rev. Dr. Neil Damgaard said...

I want one too but Renée says I already have enough technology that I don't know how to use not to mention a few thousand actual books I haven't read yet, to which I reply, So what's your point eh? The Kindle is there, I am here, that is far more than sufficient reason for me and it to become in the same place.