Thursday, January 6, 2011

pray for sudan

This in from Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF): "The time is drawing near for the most important day in the history of Sudan. On Sunday 9th January the people will be voting for the Referendum. This is to decide whether Sudan is to remain as one country, or to divide into North and South Sudan. Tensions are extremely high and there is already a lot of conflict in the border areas. So Christians round the world have been asked to pray every day for the situation."  Pray for a fair, peaceful and representative referendum, and for Christians in north Sudan who may see reprisals if the south votes for independence.  

Here is a prayer from Sudan:

Father God,
Lead the citizens of Sudan to become well informed
as they prepare to make critical choices that will have a far-reaching impact.
Fill their hearts anew with your Holy Spirit so that they may turn from all forms of violence.
Inspire them to honor, respect and care for one another.
As they exercise their vote, may they do so in safety.
Guide their leaders to plan and conduct a referendum that is free and open and honest.
God, who establishes justice, give Sudan courage to challenge injustice
and to work together to build a Sudan in which all have enough to eat,
where blessed peace prevails and justice is known throughout the country."

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