Wednesday, December 22, 2010

new book

What a blessing to receive a copy of this new book as a gift from some very good friends!

Gerry McDermott is the editor of this Oxford-published volume of essays, backed by a who's-who list of contributors: Mark Noll, Alister McGrath, Henri Blocher, John Stackhouse, Donald Bloesch, Dallas Willard, Darrell Bock, and many others.  

This is an important work for such a time as this, when the word "evangelical" has come to mean practically anything and often, virtually nothing.  

In the opening essay Mark Noll notes that historically there have been four ingredients to evangelical religion: the importance of conversion, the ultimate authority of the Bible, the inevitable fruit of charitable works (and often social reform), and the centrality of the Cross (substitutionary atonement).

Just getting started...

The Oxford Handbook of Evangelical Theology, Gerald McDermott, editor.


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