Monday, November 29, 2010

from a friend leaving a church (not ours)

I followed with some interest a longtime friend who is leaving his church.  Here's one installment of what he wrote me, with a few things changes or omitted to protect the innocent (and the guilty)...

I'd appreciate prayers for our family as we search for a new church.  We are quitting our church this week.

Our misgivings about this church have been growing for the past several weeks. Things came to a head this past Sunday. The worship service was a preview of what will be a new service starting soon. It was basically a rock concert with smoke filling the auditorium, chanting of mindless phrases, and the prancing around of our new worship leader who came from a mega-Church several weeks ago. He seems to think he is a performer rather than a leader.

As it turned out the whole experience adversely affected all of our family, both spiritually and physically. After the service I learned from the pastor that the sound level was adjusted to 92 decibels, which turns out to be normal practice and why I have been complaining about the painful volume and ringing in my ears after the service for the past several weeks. My son-in-law, who also attended, says OSHA requires ear protection for employees working in environments at that level.

I approached several of the members of my small group about my misgivings about where the church was headed in trying to adopt the styles of the day to sell the product. I asked if they could help me resolve the turmoil in my heart and mind that followed this Sunday service. Several responded that they didn't understand my questions and if I didn't like it I should go elsewhere. This from a group I have been meeting with weekly for about 18 months. What an eye-opener.

The pastor got wind of my questions and responded in such an un-pastoral manner that no one in our family could ever again consider him our pastor. This has been kind of devastating for us all. We have invested a lot in this church and we have made many friends.

So, we will be searching for another church. We would appreciate your prayers that we should be more successful in finding a good Bible-based church that is not driven by the numbers game...

[Second installment to come.]

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Josh Deng said...

this is so sad to hear...makes me want to "do worship right" all the more.